Looking for some last-minute gift ideas? Here are three of our favorite brands and our top pick to gift someone in your life. 


For all your hair accessory dreams. Our pick is the Sugar Muffs In Winter Dream.
Handcrafted jewelry from Barcelona. Any color and style you could dream of! Our pick is the La joya de la corona.
For those of us who wish we got more sleep and want to treat our skin! The Overtime Undereye Masks are our favorite reusable eye masks.
4. Of course, Mela here!
We are proudly founded by a woman and run by majority women! A great gift for anyone in your life is the Hannah laptop bag, available in three colors.
To all those this holiday season or in general, happy gift-giving! There are many ways to spoil the ones you love, just make it known.
Happy holidays from the Mela team. We appreciate all of you. 
December 13, 2022 — Neel Elsherif