Three Sustainable Habits to Try Out 

Welcome to Mela and to Mela’s world! This blog is for all of us to have a space as bold and brilliant fashion lovers who care about the things we wear much and the world we wear them in. 

Mela is all about effort over perfection. Our bags are vegan but we don’t have to be. All we can really do is try! We want all our customers to feel just as empowered to consume ethically as they are wearing their favorite Mela design. Trust me, we get how difficult it can be! Here are three ways us here at Mela like to promote being better for the world. 

  1. Support and embrace slow fashion. Fast fashion has negative long-term social and environmental impacts. Next time you’re considering committing to a purchase, take a moment and ask yourself. Who made this? What materials is it made out of? Am I going to use this or will it just end up in a landfill? Here at Mela we promote intentional purchasing, quality over quantity. For example, Mela prides itself in crafting a product from start to finish that is ethically sourced and made. From the beginning with our apple-based leather to the crafting of our final beautiful product that will last you a lifetime. Fashion that’s empowering AND impactful!threads, trims, and fabric finishes lined up in a cubby
  2.  Incorporate sustainable food habits for yourself such as Meatless Mondays. Meat, such as pork and beef, have the biggest water and carbon footprint and are the most taxing foods to our environment. Apart from partaking in days such as Meatless Mondays, another good habit to build is to check the sustainability of your food in general! Similar to deciding what clothing and accessories you buy, question where your food is coming from and how it’s produced.  If you couldn’t tell, the common theme all around this space is to try and be a more conscious consumer. We’re not saying you need to totally cut out certain products out of your diet all-together. Do what you can! Grab a loved one to join in and test out new recipes to make an event or challenge out of it.fresh vegetables in a pile
Last but not least, support brands like Mela! Not only are we business founded and run by a minority-woman, our bags are ethically made in Italy out of an apple-based leather. So prepare yourself. Not only are you going to be strutting with a gorgeous bag or wallet, but you get to promote that it’s plant-based too! brown luca wallet against green leaves


    There are many ways to incorporate sustainable habits into your daily life. Most importantly, remember that none of us are perfect! Want to read more? Here are some more resources from Sustain Your Style, Brightly, and Harper's Bazaar.


    November 23, 2022 — Neel Elsherif