Making an Impact

Here at Mela, we truly care about doing good in this world. In fact - it’s our #1 passion and what drives us to take bold steps in our business. When it comes to making positive and impactful changes in our environment and for generations to come, we don’t mess around. So we thought, why not make a change with every purchase? Let’s make those dollars count. And that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with Dollar Donation Club and +Purpose, both innovative companies that have made giving back and doing good easier than ever. 

It’s crazy simple. Through Dollar Donation Club, with every Mela purchase, $1 is donated to the Plastic Fischer initiative to remove ocean-bound plastic and to plant trees with the Trees for the Future initiative.

We've partnered with Dollar Donation Club to vet and curate impact projects that do the largest amount of good possible with every dollar we donate, using their 8-12 week, 32-point vetting system scored by world renowned experts. Learn more about DDC here 

Here is a bit about the Plastic Fischer initiative, and the Trees for the Future projects:

Plastic Fischer creates and deploys "Trashbooms"-- floating barriers that stop plastic waste in rivers before it reaches the ocean. These simple technologies have proven to be incredibly effective at preventing plastic pollution in rivers from reaching the ocean (since an estimated 50% of all ocean plastic comes from a small number of polluted rivers). To date, they have prevented over 683 tons of ocean-bound plastic from reaching the ocean. 

Trees for the Future helps farmers in sub-saharan Africa transition from mono-crop farming to "Forest Gardens" that are based on agroforestry. Forest Gardens are a method of farming that restores nutrients in the soil, plants trees that sequester carbon, and provides communities with year-round access to highly nutritious organic food. In effect, the farmers who make the transition are more capable of feeding their families with their own food, and have been able to increase their income by an average of 400% over 4 years. 

We do even more. With every Mela purchase, +Purpose enables you to receive 10% back to invest in one of these worthy causes.

NILUS - Investing in this cause means you can help low-income neighborhoods get access to the food they so desperately need. Nilus works with local farmers and distributors to make sure good, healthy foods don’t end up in landfills (just because of visual imperfections or upcoming expiration dates). Instead, they’re getting this food to the people who truly need it.

COMMUNITY VISION - Investing in this cause means you’re playing a vital part in uplifting communities that have been held back by racial and discriminatory policies. The goal of Community Vision is to support community-driven solutions and ongoing efforts to build wealth and opportunity for every individual. Straight to the point! Buy your favorite Mela goods, and get money back to invest in the change you want to see in this world.

Look fabulous while making an impact!

Fashion With a Purpose

Our Italian vegan leather goods are handmade by talented artisans in Florence, Tuscany in a small family-owned factory that’s been in business for 45 years. Carbon footprint is a big deal to us — so prioritizing our environment always comes first. As a Peta approved brand, we’re proud to say that our Apple leather partners are right down the road from our manufacturer helping us reach our carbon footprint goals. In addition, our factory relies on renewable energy. It doesn’t get much better than that!

We’re proud to use MelaTex™ for our exclusive vegan leather, a new and ingenious material made with apple leftovers from the fruit juice industry. Natural, lively, unrefined, and eco-conscious. With zero negative impact on animals, people, and our world.

By using MelaTex™, and putting our whole heart into crafting every individual piece, we’re able to deliver gorgeous and bold designs for a look that is both ethical and timeless. 


Mela’s vegan leather goods are the perfect accessory to elevate your bold, eco-conscious, gorgeous self! Be bold, be you, and change the world with every purchase.