Fashion month has passed and spring is here, so we’re looking forward to partaking in a few trends to switch up our wardrobe. Below are some of the trends we’re using as inspiration with some examples of them in play!

Floral Appliques

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. Well, while we agree with Miranda Priestly, we’re not talking about floral prints. Sure, we like those too, but we’re talking about literally incorporating flowers as our accessories. Loewe is the frontrunner in our book, from flowers on shoes to a flower as a top. Picture we also have Schiaparelli's take on jewelry, and we have Fancì Club bringing the floral trend to elevate basic tanks and skirts. 


Sheer Clothing

We’re a little nervous about how hot the spring and summer will be. What we do know is that we’re looking forward to switching out our chunky knits for something lighter. Along with sheer knits, we’re playing around with mesh! Both daring and classy, we love some juxtaposition in our wardrobes. Below are some of our picks featuring Mirror Palais, Missoni, and DISSH.



As a sustainable brand ourselves, we’re happy to see vegan leather and recycled materials as trends. Good for the planet is always in style! Other than Mela, we’d like to highlight a few pieces from our favorite brands making a conscious effort towards being more sustainable for the planet. Stella McCartney is arguably the biggest name bridging between luxury and sustainability in the fashion industry. They use vegan alternatives for their leather garments and shoes. Looks and feels even better than their non-vegan counterparts! Staatsballett is a small brand founded in NYC. Their clothes are made from dead stock materials and organic dyes. Below are some of our favorite picks from both brands.

Now, there is no need to completely buy a new wardrobe, these are just a few ways in which we are taking inspiration to transition and switch up our existing pieces! It's fun to play around and experiment. Cheers to entering a new season with gratitude. 

March 30, 2023 — Neel Elsherif
Tags: spring trends